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Advanced Hybrid Automotive Systems by Mandy Concepcion

By Mandy Concepcion

complex Hybrid automobile platforms covers hybrid car know-how extensive and with an eye fixed on car technician and DIY mechanic in brain. This publication is going into the internal operating of hybrid automobile platforms from simple security, electronics and peripheral part trying out to different little identified matters, akin to ultra-capacitors. A needs to learn for someone eager to examine extra approximately hybrid car car platforms.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 (Hybrid fundamentals and protection Procedures)

The desire for Hybrid Systems
Hybrid Do’s and Dont’s
Here are a few convinced do’s
Hybrid fundamentals and protection procedures
Hybrid strength down approach and deactivation
High voltage dimension and equipment
Humidity and high-voltage

CHAPTER 2 (Hybrid Aerodynamics and occasional Friction Tires)

Low friction elements and non-belt pushed coolant pump, and air-con compressor
The AC system
EPS procedure, or electrical strength steering
Replacement of the particular electrical motor
Performing a 0 relaxation procedure

CHAPTER three (Advanced Electronics for Hybrids)

The risks of amperage and excessive present Circuits
Current measurements utilizing an electromagnetic probe (clamp on)
Voltage size on hybrid cars (advanced concepts)
Measure the excessive voltage circuit on the orange cables after an influence down procedure
The losing Resistors

CHAPTER four (Basic electrical Motor and gear Generation)

Principle of Induction
Electric vehicles and electrical Alternating Current
The DC electrical Motor
The AC electrical Motor
Important evidence approximately electrical hybrid motor generator units
Typical hybrid motor generator
Dangers of Inverter inner Capacitors
Motor Commutation Plates
Hybrid Motor place Sensor
Motor keep watch over techniques
Difference among a hybrid motor vehicle electric motor and a standard AC motor
The TRIAC and IGBT (Isolated Gate Bipolar Transistor)
Hybrid Regenerative Breaking

CHAPTER five (AC and DC strength devices of Measurements)

Frequency measurements
Phase Measurement
Voltage Measurements
Using a Clamp-On AMP Probe
The three stages of a HYBRID Motor (U, V, W)
The Inverter Unit at the Prius
DC Brushless Motors

CHAPTER 6 (basic battery technology)

The nickel steel hydride battery
The lithium ion battery
Toyota Prius excessive Voltage battery
V R L A or variable rules lead acid battery

CHAPTER 7 (The 6 Hybrid Modes of Operation)

HYBRID machine approach Control
Light Acceleration Mode
Regenerative Breaking Mode
Deceleration Mode
Normal using Mode
M1’s largest Contribution to the HYBRID Unit

CHAPTER eight (Parallel and sequence Hybrid Systems)

Series hybrid system
Series, parallel, and series/parallel hybrid
Inverter strength Management
Parallel hybrid system
Parallel/Series hybrid system
Toyota motor Co. and AISIN

CHAPTER nine (The Prius CVT or regularly variable transmission)

THS or hybrid synergy Drive
Transmission Planetary Gears
Key element to knowing the best way this transmission works
HONDA CVT Transmission
Honda’s Cylinder Deactivation
Honda’s electrical Balancing

CHAPTER 10 (Toyota particular hybrid system)

Specific options at the Toyota hybrid
Problems with the Coolant Pump
Gas Tank Rubber Bladder
Car Off AC System
The Scanner and the HYBRID System
High Voltage Battery
MG1 and MG2 energy Output
The Toyota auxiliary 12 V battery
How to leap commence a HYBRID
A notice approximately Toyota’s Keyless Entry
Dangers of electrical Mode Driving

CHAPTER eleven (Honda particular hybrid system)

The Honda hybrid procedure is tremendously diversified than that of Toyota
HONDA Hybrid is an easy Design
IMA or built-in motor assist
The Motor Generator Unit
The 12 volt Starter
Honda digital Balancing
The 1.3L Engine
Soft iridium spark plugs
Honda Civic entire Cylinder Deactivation

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